Here’s a sneak peak inside my lastest project:  Sam’s Room – All things Air Force and Navy.

Much more to come, but for now…we installed the Flor tiles and they turned out pretty awesome. :)

We designed a pattern for the carpet tiles that combined a stripe with a solid.  Before we got started, we separated the floor tiles and organized them.  (This image was taken after installed one side of the room.)  All the striped tiles were cut to size beforehand for a more efficient installation.  Just grab and place…easy peezy.  You’ll find your installing rhythm in no time at all.

We lined the subfloor with a layer of foam padding for insulation and comfort.  We were able to design a carpet tile cutting guide to measure and cut with ease also.  If you can cut a carpet tile (and YES! you can), you can create your own custom rug or carpet.  They come in so many different colors, textures, and patterns.  The hardest part is deciding on which ones you’ll want to use.

The cutting guide in action.  It saved lots and lots of time!

Flor tiles come with square stickers to secure the tiles together.  They adhere to the underside of each tile at every intersection.  I cut the stickers in half for this particular installation.

CAD is my best friend.  I made sure to layout the tiles on the computer to help with ordering amounts and installation.

Voila!  There we have it…the completed carpet tile flooring for Sam’s room.  Next step…baseboards, paint, and then furniture!