Yup! They’re wall decals.  Inexpensive and removable, they add life to any plain wall. The cherry blossom wall decals for Audrey’s nursery were purchased from Scribble on Everything.
Beware!  The image shown on their website is VERY deceiving.  The branches and flowers are much much smaller then shown — it’s about half that size (as you can see below).  We purchased one of each of these colors:  pink, white, and rubine.
Here is where it gets tricky…  We very carefully cut and pasted two branches together to form the large branch above the crib and glider.  We kept the third branch for the space above dresser.  We also arranged the flowers so they would be integrated seamlessly.   Replacing the flowers on the branches with alternating colors, we made sure that all the colors were evenly distributed.  TIP: I found that placing smaller flowers on larger flowers gave the decal more depth.   We arranged the blossoms so they looked like they were graciously floating down and across the room.
I would set aside a day for this project so you can get it just right.  TIP: Try not to be pressed against the wall the entire time.  Constantly take a step back to see the “big picture”.  When things get frustrating take a break and have a snack, you’ll come back ready to sticker again in no time.  It takes time and patience, but it’s worth every second.
Now go at it!