Looking for a little bit of personalization?  A little splash of one-of-a-kind?  Well here it is!  As seen in Audrey’s Room!  Here’s how I made those custom letters for Baby Audrey.

I picked these letters up from my local craft store.  Michaels or JoAnns carries these paper mache letters.  I started by making sure I removed the plastic tabs and labels on each of the letters.  Since I wanted the letters to be a vibrant fuchsia, I first primed the letters with a white primer.  You can either paint by hand (which I did) or spray paint the primer base coat.  Painting the primer by hand gives the letters a brush stroke texture and handmade feel…something I was going for, but it’s up to you.

When the primer dried, I took the letters outside (for proper ventilation) and placed the letters on a piece of newsprint and a cardboard box to avoid a pink driveway.  This time, I opted to use spray paint for the fucshia.  I sprayed a total of four times — the front, the back, sides, and one final coat on all sides just in case any spots were missed.   Allow the letters time to dry completely between coats.

Now for the fun part…the pretty colorful papers!

You can use a variety of papers.  As long as you feel comfortable cutting the paper with scissors…it’s all fair game.   Go WILD!   Both Michaels and JoAnns carry a large selection of scrap and craft papers to chose from.  I purchased these papers from JoAnns (don’t forget your 40% coupon!).  It was the perfect compliment to the nursery design.

1) Turn the paper pattern-side face down, place the letters backwards on each sheet of paper so the pattern side will appear on the correct face of the letters once glued down

2) Trace the letters on to the paper lightly, using a pencil

3) Cut the letters out and double check that the cut-out lines up with the paper mache letters

4) Use glue to adhere the paper cut-outs to the letters, making sure that all sides are lined up and edges are glued down…. and VOILA! 

There you have it.  This project can help tie your nursery together and provide a personal touch as well.  Be creative, have fun, and enjoy!